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safe driving schools in philadelphia
safe driving schools in philadelphia
safe driving schools in philadelphia
safe driving schools in philadelphia




How To Pass Your US Driving Test Successfully

Posted on January 9, 2015 at 7:00 PM

If you are preparing to face your US driving test, you could probably use some tips and advice to help you get yourself ready so that you can pass the driving test as easily as possible. It is important to check any particular details about your driving test depending on which state you intend to take it in, however the main points described below apply to all states.


How is the driving test structured?


The US driving test is made up of a written test and then a driving skills test that you will need to complete. An important point to bear in mind is that you cannot expect to pass the written test by simply using common sense and logic alone. You will need to study the Pennsylvania driver’s manual or the one appropriate to the state that you are planning to take your test. You can expect some tricky questions in the written test so you need to be ready for them when they come.


Make sure you read the drivers manual through from beginning to end at least once as you prepare for your test. Get familiar with the rules of the road, the meaning of signs and the speed limits on the different types of roads; also memorize the signal to making a move such as turning distances. These are not hard things to remember, but you are strongly advised to do your studying to be comfortably ready when test day comes.


As part of your buildup to your driving test exam in Philadelphia, do a practice test at least once so that you can get familiar with what you are going to have to expect. You don’t want any unexpected surprises on the day and having practiced you will be able to feel more comfortable and less nervous.


Multimedia help for your coming driving test


Your written test should be quite straightforward, you will need to answer 50 multiple choice questions and the allowed time is extremely generous. Once you have passed your written test, you will need to prepare for a driving skills test where you will be accompanied by an examiner. Now, your driving skills will come to your aid and you need to show the examiner that you have the ability to maintain good control of the car. But just being a frequent driver isn’t enough and good advice is to find and follow some video aids that help to identify a number of potential problems that can catch out unwary test candidates, being prepared is the key to success so keep this in mind.


One of the most difficult techniques that you will have to show the examiner that you have mastered is to be able to complete parallel parking, check out videos showing how you do this and also make sure you practice parallel parking as often as you can prior to the driving skills test. Well, get comfortable about how and when to turn the wheel, and use your mirrors constantly to check that you are moving into position correctly. Also take note that when it comes to your exam the place where you have to parallel park may not be the same setup as the one you practised in, so note the conditions carefully and then park your car accordingly.


Practising the perfect parallel parking routine


Once you start parallel parking, it may take a while to get comfortable with this technique. It is a good idea to ask an experienced driver to accompany you and provide you with tips and advice to enable you to master this technique. Get familiar with ways to adjust your parking moves if something goes wrong, you can correct it, remember that if you hit the curb when parking, you will fail the exam. So if you feel you are heading for the curb, move forward a little and try to turn again.


Use your mirror to help you parallel park, in most states, you are allowed to adjust it to help you park. Once you have completed your parking successfully, you can adjust it back to the normal driving position, so that you are ready to pull away from the curb once the driving examiner tells you to do so. While parallel parking should consist of three moves, don’t feel anxious if you need to add more as you make adjustments. Once you have mastered parallel parking, you will feel that you are becoming a competent car driver.


Final checks before the test


Check the car that you are going to take the driving skills test in is ready for the road, check signal lights, wiper blades, and head lights are working correctly. If you can ask someone who has taken the test and the examination branch what the route is most likely to be. If you can do this in advance, it is really a good idea to test drive this route at least once or twice.



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