safe driving schools in philadelphia
safe driving schools in philadelphia
safe driving schools in philadelphia
safe driving schools in philadelphia
safe driving schools in philadelphia




Driving Mistakes That Can Put You In A Ditch Almost Instantly

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Driving is enjoyable for as long as it is safe. Those persons who don’t really associate driving with safety should take the driving exam again and then maybe then they will understand what driving implies. In order to reach to a certain destination safe and sound, one doesn’t need to behave like a robot, but he needs to keep his eyes open, follow simple driving rules and of course, avoid the following mistakes which, unfortunately, are done by a lot of drivers on a regular basis.


Texting and driving shouldn’t be mixed


It is as simple as that. Writing an SMS message or updating a Facebook status is not advised while driving, not even in those moments when one waits at the traffic light. While driving, a single second of distraction can be enough to provoke an accident which can be disastrous in the most unfortunate cases. Texting should be done during driving brakes or in other situations, but not when traveling to a destination and also having one or more passengers in the vehicle.


Put on makeup while waiting in traffic


This is another common mistake ladies do sometimes when they leave the house in a rush. Again, such distraction can cause a big accident and then arriving late at work would be the last of the worries. To avoid such situations completely, one should get up several minutes earlier in the morning in order to have time for all the necessary tasks like packing launch, finding a good dress, putting on makeup, etc.


Listening to very loud music


This mistake is most popular among teenagers, but not only. Although it can be truly exhilarating to listen to loud music while traveling through a beautiful country full of mesmerizing landscapes, this should only be done if there is no traffic around, the visibility is clear and for a small amount of time. Listening to loud music can be a huge distraction which will ruin the attention and concentration of the driver.


Additionally, if one listens to very loud music while driving, he might not be able to hear the engines of other cars, any horns, police signals, ambulance sirens and so on. He will basically driver almost blind and it is only a matter of time until something bad will happen.


Having an argument with the passenger


It is ok to have conversations with the passengers while driving, but if the discussion becomes tense then it should be ceased immediately. When people argue, they tend to focus on the conversation in question more than they focus on driving and as a result, they might accidentally make a wrong turn, not see the traffic signs or traffic signals and even hit the vehicle in front of them. As long as discussions are kept on a comfortable tone everything is ok, but if the driver gets irritated, the topic of the discussion must be changed immediately.


Getting distracted by various events


A lot of things can happen on a street and beginner drivers are advised to not pay too much attention to them. For example, some pedestrians might wear flashy clothes, some drivers might have superfast, brightly-colored exotic cars, helicopters might pass by, etc. One should notice those events, but not remain focus on them, especially if there is an intense traffic ahead. It might take a while until one learns to remain focus on his vehicle only, but this is a great safety precaution which will pay off in the future.


Postponing a nap


One of the main reasons why so many accidents happen on today's streets is simply because drivers are very tired, they get sleepy, they eventually fall asleep and the vehicle runs out of control. It is important to note here that energy drinks, coffee or other types of stimulants might have little to no effect if one is really very tired, so it is best to avoid them. If a driver feels sleepy, he should do his best to find a hotel or resting spot nearby in order to have one or two hours of sleep. A passenger can also take his place for a while.


Adjusting the GPS settings


It is perfectly fine to use a GPS device or a map while driving to an unknown area, but it is not a good idea to check the map or make adjustments to the settings of the GPS while driving. By doing so, the driver needs to focus on two different places at the same time: the road and the map/GPS device and this is usually a recipe for disaster. It is best to take a 5 minute break, check the map or set the GPS correctly and then continue the trip.


If you need additional driving tips and tricks or you want to get your driving license then make sure that you contact our driving school in Philadelphia. We are happy to help you become a safe and accomplished driver.


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